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Welcome to travel with Kelli. My #1 goal is to create an absolute luxury travel experience for you

I want you to experience luxury

Departing 2024

As a mom of three, running a household, home schooling and running two businesses. I am no stranger to long hours. People always ask me how I do it. The secret? I let myself live in luxury every once in awhile.

Luxury to me is anything from allowing myself rest when I need it to putting my toes in the sands of Tanzania with a hot tea in hand as the beach breeze sweeps across my skin.

So many of us steal aways our moments of luxury because we think it’s out of reach. I wanted to change that by providing beautiful, luxury travel experiences to busy moms, families and individuals who are ready to experience their own luxury.

In the form of fully planned out experiences that bring a smile to your face. Are kinder to your wallet. And will create the most stunning memories. All without having to plan a thing.

Now that, to me is luxury

So I started Travel with Kelli

I am here to provide the best group travel experiences and help individual travelers plan their next luxury vacation.

Tanzania is so beautiful–we have a home there, learned the way of life, and connected with local guides, hotels and people. I just knew others would love and needed this experience.

So I created the perfect luxury vacation package!

ready for days (and nights) like this?

I’m so excited to take you on the journey of a lifetime, from planning a safe, exciting and luxury travel experience to give you memories that will last you a lifetime!

Ready for the unforgetable, luxury travel experience?

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